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As a professional quality service provider, Fujian CCIC Testing Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as FCT) offers not only the pre-production inspection services, the during production inspection services and the final random inspection services but also the factory audit, the loading supervision, the testing service, the certification of free sales and etc., meeting all of our customers' requirements thoroughly.

With the headquarter located in Fuzhou , we have branches in Quanzhou, Putian, Dongshan, Longyan, Ningde, Sanming, Nanping of Fujian Province. Our inspectors reside in Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu Province, etc. Business scope covers all cities in China.

FCT always acts as an impartial, fair and authoritative role to conduct the product conformity inspection and accreditation activities according to relevant laws, standards, contracts and some terms, which are agreed by the parties, to reduce the risk due to the quality problems.

inspection service China

To be exact, FCT provides inspection, testing, quarantine, identification services on various products covering below:


Electrical & Electronic Hard Goods Soft Goods
Home Appliances

Light & Lighting

Electrical Tools

Electrical Vehicles Telephone & Mobiles

Computer Parts

Electronic Accessories

Remote Control Toys

Health & Beauty Products


Household Utensils 

Furniture & Furnishings

Porcelain & Ceramics

Toys & Gifts

Seasonal Products

sports Products


Clocks & Watches



Fabric Apparel

Fashion Accessories

Home Textiles

Footwear & Leather Products

Luggage, Bags &Cases

Caps &Head-wear

Industrial Products Others
Mechanical EquipmentMachinery PartsMetal Sheet

Plastic Film

Tools &Equipment

Construction Products

Chemical Material Mineral ProductsProcessed GrainsBakery Goods

Cosmetic Products

Agricultural Products

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