Inspection service type


Factory audit  Helping you understand a supplier, Including supplier’s capabilities. quality control system, management and operating procedures.
Pre-production inspection Before production, helping you make sure the raw materials and components will meet your specifications and are available in quantities sufficient to meet the production schedule.
During production inspection (DPI) Checking the products during the production process and trying our best to avoid some defects appearing, It can also help you check the product schedule and conform that the products are ready when the time of shipment.
Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) It is a most effective inspection that confirms the whole shipment's quality level. It normally requires the production to be 100% complete and at least 80% of goods to be packed into cartons The checked samples are randomly selected according to AQL standard.
Loading supervision It is a important step during the delivery process, It can make sure your products are correctly loading and reduce the possibility of breakage. Guaranteeing the good quality and condition of your products until you receive them.
Why do I need inspections or factory audits?

In case of any Poor quality, incorrect shipments, unreal information from suppliers during international trading. Inspection is the most efficient way to protect buyer’s benefits.

What do you inspect during inspection?

Different products will have different inspection points. So the inspection category will be studied case by case very carefully between the client and our account manager.
In general, below is the general inspection scope to follow:
1. Quantity
2. Product Description/Spec
4.Function/parameter testing
5.Packaging/Marking check
6.Product data measurement
7.Client special requirement

What the Inspection rate?

Inspection's all-inclusive standard rate is USD 168-288 per man-day in most cities of China except Hongkong, Taiwan. This standard rate covers up to 12 working hours per assignment (including traveling, inspection and report preparation). There is no extra charge for inspectors' transportation and accommodation expense.

How to start the inspection?

Client send us the booking form and book 2-3 days in advance. We contact Factory to confirm the inspection details. Client Confirm the inspection plan and pay. We perform the inspection and client get inspection report within 24 hours.

How many hours does the inspector work at the factory?

We charge by Man-days.Man-days is defined as one inspector performs a quality inspection at one location within 8 working hours. , including meal breaks and travel time. How much time they spend at the factory depends on how many inspectors are working there, and whether the paperwork is completed at the factory, or at the office. As an employer, we are bound by China labor law, so there is a limit to the amount of time our staff can work each day without incurring additional charges. Many times, we have more than one inspector onsite, so typically the report will be completed while at the factory. At other times, the report will be completed later in the local, or home office. It is important to remember however, it is not only the inspector who is dealing with your inspection. Every report is reviewed and cleared by a supervisor, and processed by your coordinator. So many hands are involved in a single inspection and report. However, we put forth our best effort at maximizing efficiency in your behalf. We have proved time and again that our pricing and man hour quotes are very competitive.

What kind of inspections do I need?

The type of quality control inspection you need largely depends on the quality goals you are trying to achieve, the relative importance of quality as it relates to your market, and whether there are any current production issues that need to be resolved.

You can contact us, and we can work with you to determine your exact requirements, and propose a custom solution to best meet your needs.

How do you monitor your inspectors work?

CCIC have rigorous inspector and auditor training and audit program. It includes periodic retraining and testing, unannounced visits to factories where quality control inspections, or factory audits, are being conducted, random interviews with suppliers, and random audits of inspector reports as well as periodic efficiency audits.


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